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DNA Tower Za' Abeel Parc Dubaï (U.A.E.)


This project for the Tall Emblem structure at the Zabbel Park presents a bold and innovative marriage between cutting edge technology and a compelling organic symbolism based on the spiralling form of the double helix composed of chromosomes (DNA) which is the blueprint of human life.

The aim of this project is to represent the genesis or birth of Dubai’s new architectural movement (Dubai Neo Architecture) which is synonymous throughout the world with new, highly original and creative ideas and forms which embody a contemporary spirit of unprecedented innovation.

We have chosen to fuse the realms of science and technology with the symbolism of the DNA chain which not only determines the identity of each individual human being but is also the vector of the evolution of the human species.

C L E R C    F R E D E R I C      A R C H I T E C T E    H E S    I A U G

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